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Living Will 
Provides instructions for an Agent you designate as to whether to receive certain life-sustaining treatment. In this document, you are telling the Agent how you would like to be treated when you are undergoing medical treatment, and whether to use life-sustaining methods. This becomes effective upon signing, and is used only when you are incapacitated and cannot make decisions. 

Special Needs Trust 

A Special Needs Trust is established for an individual with a disability who is either planning on receiving public benefits (Medicaid, Social Security Income) or is already receiving benefits. The goal of a Special Needs Trust is to enrich and preserve an individual with a disability’s right to public benefits and to maintain their quality of life without jeopardizing their eligibility to receive benefits. 

Estate Plan Counseling 

Do you have a previous Estate Plan or did you create your own Estate Plan? Great! Creating the documents is one step in the process, but you should always have an Attorney review the documents you have drafted. As time passes, relationships change, family members pass away, and the laws change. Can you imagine your family later finding out that your Will is invalid or lacking the most important wishes you want to memorialize? I offer my counseling services as a way to assist you in reviewing your previously drafted Estate Plans, and following up on the next steps of what to do to make sure your plan is a comprehensive one.

An Estate Plan is an active step towards ensuring that no matter what happens to you in the future, you are prepared with a plan that sets forth your wishes for your family to follow. 

What documents are involved in an Estate Plan?


  • Custom drafted to your specific wishes and needs; 

  • Control over how your assets and property are passed;

  • Name someone you trust will follow your wishes as Executor;

  • Appoint a Guardian if you have minor children (under 18 years old) or a disabled adult child;

  • You can amend or change your Will as you please. 


  • Name a Trustee to be in charge of the Trust after you pass;

  • Privacy of information (your estate does not have to pass through Probate);

  • Control who the beneficiaries of your estate are;

  • Take advantage of tax savings;

Power of Attorney

  • Appoint an Agent to help you make financial and medical decisions;

  • Avoid the need for Court appointed Guardianship;

  • Let your family know how you feel about life sustaining treatment and organ donation;

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